English Introduction

This blog aims to provide Egyptian and other Arabic speaking colleagues working in Egyptology, Coptology, History, or any archaeology related fields (conservation, ceramics etc…) with a space to disseminate archaeology related information and resources, providing it in Arabic.

It also provides tips and explanations on using websites to ensure that colleagues are able to maximise their benefit.

We try to stay organised, and so we have collected links to all posts on pages.

Archaeology  Main Page

Scholarships Main Page

Coptic Studies Main Page

Coming in 2013 are three new pages for museums, research and practical tips.


We hope we receive support from our colleagues in different institutions. If you are interested in helping, here are some suggestions:

  • informing us of scholarships, employment, volunteer, and training opportunities.
  • Informing us about online open access resources.
  • Writing blog posts about areas of your expertise.
  • If your institute makes any information available in Arabic, please inform us.
  • Volunteering to proofread some colleagues’ articles or researches.
  • Publish Arabic excavation reports online!! (they are already translated into Arabic, and only require posting online!)

Unless otherwise requested by the contributor(s), credit will be given for everything directly posted on this blog.

Thank you


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